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No soy más que una nota a pie de página en esta historia.
Barcelona (21).


Miércoles Mar 3 @ 04:00pm
Lunes Mar 3 @ 07:31pm


I felt the need to post this for three reasons:

  • 1. people in general asking how I did it
  • 2. people questioning if I took a gifset and ran it through photoshop filters
  • 3. because I want people to know that its digital art- painted in photoshop- not traditional. In my original post I used the words “hand painted” because I was groggy and exhausted and I wanted to imply each frame is a from-scratch illustration but I think some people took it to mean there are 16 physical hang-on-the-wall paintings of this which there certainly is not. I tried to change the wording but the post kinda went viral before I had a chance to catch myself. Sorry about that. I may be less awesome than you thought. Oh and on a side note this method of animating is called rotoscoping (same method was used in the movie Anastasia).
Lunes Mar 3 @ 07:28pm



Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:21pm


this was a journey

Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:21pm


Pottery Meets Experimental Animation in this Ceramic Phonotrope [VIDEO]

Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:12pm
Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:11pm
Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:10pm
Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:10pm
Viernes Feb 2 @ 11:09pm
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